Weying Mtel Limited aim to accelerate the collaboration of HK’s movie businesses and Mainland’s, to increase Hong Kong’s box office earning; meanwhile, to help the film market grow rapidly. Boosting the development of Hong Kong mobile ticketing business and building a new communication platform, we believe we could inject vitality to Hong Kong movie market. In order to enhance Movie Express and related ticketing business and to provide better movie and entertainment experience to HK audience, Movie Express and KICK OFF will be dedicated to help expand the reach of audience.

Movie Express

HK’s leading Movie-Rewards Program

What everyone has (we’ve got too)
- Check movie tickets, time-slot and seating plans in 1 click
- Provide you the latest movie information and trailer

Uniqueness (ya, we are special)
# Purchase tickets everywhere by One-tab linkage
# Buy tickets meanwhile get bonus point to redeem free tickets
# Get instant rewards through blue-tooth games
# Understand the movies by simple tasks and missions
# Watch 3D movie poster animation through Zappar-Grab instant friends’ movie activities

NEW Features (we are looking for)
@ Personal Assistant function base on your behavior
@ Share with your friends about your favourite movie
@ Directly purchase your tickets from our Apps

Kick off

Fans Cheer Together

What everyone has (we’ve got too)
- Providing Real-time Live-scores, Results, Match Statistics, Reference Odds, Team schedule & Squad
- Cover ALL major Leagues, Cups & Tournaments in Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa.

Uniqueness (ya, we are special)
# Engage with same team lovers by Fans’ Room
# Engage & Cheer around by interactive football matches’ Chat-Room
# Partner with over 15 football fans clubs-Social features to challenge friends on matches
# Synchronize news from Goal.com

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